Ameer Perfumes

Ooze luxury and opulence by opting for the pure, excellence of Ameer perfumes.

Derived from the timeless essence of agar wood trees and worn for centuries by royals and nobles, this traditional fragrance forms the heart of Arabic culture. The exotic blend of warm woody notes centred on sophistication and mystique tinged with hints of spice, will present its wearer with confidence, elegance and poise. Thick and pure. One of highest quality oudhs available.

A true and pure rose full of tenderness and romance. The exquisite Ward al Hindi exudes incredible freshness and richness and offers a more subtle and youthful alternative to the stronger oudh and musk.

Rose from Taif is renowned for its unique excellence and it's for its deep and intense fragrance. On the skin, it's true floral first breath of crushed petals is sweet and unadulterated paving the way to a utterly natural rose scent.

A timeless traditional Indian fragrance, made from Himalayan herbs. roots and spices. Shamama is warm and comforthing and perfect for the cooler weather. Combining the Shamama with the woody notes of Sandalwood and Jasmine, the results is a deep, sensual blend of spicy floral woodliness that lingers on your skin for hours

Misk al Gazzal

A heady and robust musk scent evoking nature and class. Musk al ghazelle has all the opulence and aphrodisiac qualities expected from this sensual and distinctive aroma.

Misk al Ameer

Crafted originally for imams of Haramayn and then becoming the choice of royalty, this is a light and long lingering scent plucked from a range of scented flowers and is most pleasing to the senses.