Ameer Dates

Ajwa al Madinah

عجوة المدينة

The king of dates, dark and chewy

Weight: 500g 400g



Simple but luxurious, chewy dates

Weight: 500g 400g



Sweet and chewy dark, succulent dates. The traditional favourite.

Weight: 500g 400g



Soft, yet crunchy these dates are the most popular choice everyday eating.

Weight: 500g 400g


Dahn al Oudh Hindi/Cambodi

Derived from the timeless essence of agar wood trees and worn for centuries by royals and nobles...
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Ward al Hindi

A true and pure rose full of tenderness and romance. The exquisite Ward al Hindi exudes...
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Ward al Ta'ifi

Rose from Taif is renowned for its unique excellence and it's for its deep and intense fragrance...
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Shamamat ul Amber

A timeless traditional Indian fragrance, made from Himalayan herbs, roots and spices...
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Misk al Gazzal

A heady and robust musk scent evoking nature and class. Musk al ghazelle has all the opulence...
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Misk al Ameer

Crafted originally for imams of Haramayn and then becoming the choice of royalty...
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